Bodybuilding Tournament Suspended After Mass Abandonment of Participants in Masteron The Face of Anti-Doping Control

It happened this weekend in the Basque Country , within the framework of the celebration of the II Euskadi Bodybuilding and Fitness Cup that was going click here to view the source to be held in Santurce, in Vizcaya. The agents of the Basque Anti-Doping Agency (AVA) went to the facilities where the sporting event was to take place to carry out the relevant anti-doping controls when there was such a high number of casualties from the tournament that it forced the organizers to suspend it .

The participants had already gone through the weigh-in when the Masteron agents appeared at the competition to do the controls. It was then that mass abandonment occurred.

In a statement issued by the AVA and collected by various media such as La Vanguardia , the agency explains that the control occurred «without prior notice as is customary and desirable . » Any sports fan will have heard some athletes complain at times that officers appear at odd hours in their hotels or homes to take samples. This was not the case.

According to the said text, what happened was that after the event began, since the weigh-in had already been carried out moments before the doping control agents appointed by the AVA appeared, most of the participants left the place of the event , a situation that forced the organization to suspend the test.

Bodybuilder Eleonora Dobrinina boasts zero percent of body fat, which was once the subject of criticism and social alarm due to the danger of losing muscle mass in this regard, or what is the same: leaving the body without fuel.

From the Basque agency they want to make it clear that they do not affirm that «the abandonment of the competition by the participants was due to the existence of doping control.» That this is something that falls to the IFBB-Euskadi (International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness), in charge of the organization, to say whether it was so or not.

At the same time, a few lines below, he acknowledges that in his experience carrying out this type of controls, «one activity in which there is a major problem in relation to the use of doping substances is that of bodybuilding and fitness «.

The abandonment of «most of the participants» occurred with the competition already started and while the agents were preparing to prepare the necessary material for the anti-doping tests.

La II Copa Euskadi de Fitness y Culturismo fue suspendida por la retirada de la mayor parte de los participantes cuando se supo que habría controles antidopaje.

The Masteron, which reports to the Basque Government’s Physical Activity and Sport Directorate, recalled in its statement the existence of an agreement signed in May with the IFBB-Euskadi to be able to carry out doping controls in those competitions organized by said association in the Basque Country.

In fact, he points out that it was within this framework of collaboration in which a series of controls were carried out in a competition that took place last June in the same town, Santurce, in which there were several cases of non-negative. Of the samples collected from 12 participants, «5 of them yielded positive analytical reports for one or more substances of different types, such as anabolics, stimulants, diuretics and social drugs . «

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